Who To Inform When You Are Moving Home

Who To Inform When You Are Moving Home e1658488418720

The big day is slowly creeping up on you. You have various tasks that need completing before you move, but an important thing to think about is who to inform of your new address when you move house. Changing your address may seem like an obvious task, but it can get confusing when needing to remember who to tell during the chaos.




There are 3 major utilities you will need to inform about your move, gas, electricity and water. You will need to inform your providers before moving to ensure that your service will be terminated on the correct day. Take a meter reading before leaving the property and send this to them so they know exactly how much to charge on your final bill.




Insurance- Both building and contents providers will need to be made aware that you are moving so you can be insured on your new house. Fresh policies will need to be taken out on your new home and the price may change depending on whether you have up sized or down sized.


TV License- Your TV License is issued on the property you are in. Your existing license will need its address updated for you to continue to receive media from the BBC. You can easily update your details online. If you do not change your address, you could be fined up to £1000! It is not worth the risk and is very simple to do.


Other media subscriptions- Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may not need your address to provide services, but it will need to be changed to your new address for billing purposes. Magazine subscriptions will obviously require your new details, in order to deliver the goods.




Employer- Make sure your employer knows you have changed your address so this can be updated on your payroll details.

Friends and Family- This is an obvious one, something many of us do first.




Banks and building societies- This is an extremely important one and it ties in with so many areas in your life. Let your bank and building society know about your change of address as soon as possible. Failing to do so could open you up to identity theft and fraud activity.


Loans and cards- Loans will need to be updated so any information can be sent to the right address.


Insurance- We may have covered some major ones, but the smaller ones are some which people forget about. These are:












Mobile phones- If you are still having paper bills delivered to your address, it is important you update your move so these can be sent to you.


Broadband- Most of the time you will use the same company which proved landline and TV, so this can all be updated at once




Council Tax- Your local authority will need to be informed of your move and the best way to do so is online. Google search your local authority, and this will point you in the correct direction.


Election Roll- To keep the right to vote you will need to register again for your new address.



DVLA- You will need to inform the DVLA of your move so it can be updated on the database and get a new driver’s license sent out to you. This again can be done online. If your address on your license is not registered to where you live, this can go against you if you were in a crash.


Logbook (V5C)- This is a big one and can easily be forgotten about. Failing to make relevant changes can land you with a £1000 fine. So, make sure you do this ASAP!


Car insurance- Let your insurer know that you will be changing address. This could change your premium, and some providers will even make an admin charge to update your address. Sad, but true.




Doctors- Changing address may result in a change of doctors too. Contact your GP surgery to find out whether you will need to change or not


Gyms and Clubs- Generally easy to update either by phone or online.




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