Tips for a Stress-free Move

Tips for a Stress free Move

Moving into a new home is very exciting. A new start, new home, new area, and new opportunities. With all the exciting things going on it doesn’t mean it can’t feel overwhelming at times. You can avoid the harder times of moving by planning ahead and starting things early, so things are not left to the last minute causing you to become stressed from rushing around. Do everything you can to make it easy on yourself.


Below we have listed some great tips to on how to make your move stress-free.


Choose and allocate your removals firm early on


Depending on when you are moving can depend on how hard it is to book a date for a removals firm. Most people try to move at the weekend or over school holidays, allowing extra time. Do not get caught up in this so try and plan your moving date in advance so you are not disappointed when you struggle to find a date to move if left to the last minute.


Always look at reviews from previous customers and check what the removal quote includes. Will you need to buy or find moving boxes or does the company include the use of boxes in the quote?


Make a list


To avoid stress, sit down and make a list of everything you need to do and the timeline which it needs to be done by. You may find that you have months until a potential moving date but that does not mean you should wait until the week before you move to start planning and prepping everything to be done. Start with a check list which you can build on if you remember something else with needs to be done.


Declutter, declutter, declutter


Many of us do not realise the amount of clutter we have hidden in the cupboards, loft, and garages. Clear your home of any old, unwanted, or unnecessary items before you move which can save time and stress. By recycling, donating, and throwing things away means you cut down the amount of stuff you need to move.


Put a packing plan in place


Packing away things takes longer than you realise, which is why you should start as soon as possible and get things done early. Start with the rooms you use the least and get things all packed away. Remember to label boxes so you know what is in them and what room for them to put in to make your life easier when unpacking. You will thank us when you don’t need to open fifteen boxes to find your kitchen stuff.


Taking time to clean


Getting into your new home a little earlier means you can fully assess it and give it a good clean before any furniture is moved in. Keep your cleaning supplies separate before moving day so you do not end up with them packed away in boxes.


Go slowly


Moving day is a big day- getting everything done as soon as possible is exhausting. Set yourself goals in what you want to get done as it is unlikely that you will get everything unpacked by the first night.


It will take time to get everything unpacked and looking the way you want it too but things to come together immediately. Take time and enjoy the first night with a takeaway in your new home.




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