Space-Saving Packing Tips for Moving House

Moving is stressful enough already without lots of boxes and bags everywhere. The less you need to move, the less stressful it will be and of course, the less you need to move. Which also means fewer trips and a faster moving process.

Here are our top tips for saving space during the moving process…

Don’t leave it until the last minute

If you want to save space when packing, then do not leave it until the last minute to start packing things away. Start as soon as you possibly can. Things like decluttering can be started way ahead of time. Although you might not be able to pack up everything weeks before you move, you can start packing up smaller things that you don’t use as much. For example, if you know you are moving in the summer, start packing up your winter clothes in spring.


The main thing you can do to save space is declutter everything you don’t need, want, or use anymore. The less you have, the less there is to try and pack. You probably don’t need to take all those old t-shirts that you are keeping just in case. If you don’t wear them, throw them away. It’s also worth dedicating a certain amount of storage to each category of items and decluttering anything that doesn’t fit.

Get organised

Make a list of everything that needs to be packed. Create categories and even sub-categories. When it comes to moving house, you can never be too organised. Label everything. We aren’t saying that you need to go and buy fancy labels and packaging, just rip off a piece of paper and stick a label to a box. When you know what you have, you can avoid using extra storage bags when you don’t need to.

Take it one step at a time

Don’t try to do everything at once. Trying to pack up an entire house is an impossible task. Trying to get it all done in one day will just make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, try packing up one room at a time or even packing one area of a room at a time. Dedicate days to tackle different areas of your house, whether that’s your makeup draw one day and the kitchen cupboard the next day. That will give you the opportunity to see how much space is being taken up by each area and help you decide where you need to declutter.

Utilise different storage items

Remember that suitcase you have lying around, use it to pack up some items. Items such as suitcases and handbags can be used to store items. You will be moving them with you anyway, so you might as well utilise the extra space they can offer you.

Vacuum seal your clothes

Vacuum-sealed bags are not just great for keeping dirt and dust from getting on your clothes, they’re also great for compacting them. Instead of ramming a bag or box full of clothes, put them all in a vacuum-sealed bag that can be compressed smaller. You’ll be surprised how much space you can save.

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