Best Packaging Materials for Fragile Items

Best Packaging Materials for Fragile Items

Moving home is an exciting time but it can also be worrying for some, especially when moving expensive and fragile items from destination A to destination B. If you are packing these items correctly, then they are going to stay in one piece during transport. This includes using the correct packing materials and taking extra time when packing them away, to ensure a safe journey.

To ensure your valuables are safe, you may want to look into a packing service. The team will ensure everything is packed properly and professionally for you, taking the worry and stress off your shoulders. At times, you may think you have packed things properly, but it wasn’t enough, and these fragile items become broken when moving, which is disappointing when you open it at your destination. Packing services will use the best packing materials which are high quality to keep your belongings safe.

If you are wanting to pack yourself, we have listed materials that you should use to keep your items safe.

Bubble wrap

THIS IS A MUST-HAVE; certainly, our number one material you should buy! This is an ideal material to wrap up your fragile items as the air pockets in the bubble wrap acts as a cushion, whist your items are on their travels. Bubble wrap is known to absorb shock, preventing damage. Do not be worried about using too much bubble wrap, to keep expenses down as it’ll save you money in the long run keeping your items safe and not becoming broken.

Packaging paper

This is a great material to wrap your items in, making sure they get from A to B in one piece. Packaging paper is a great way to fill empty spaces in moving boxes to stop things moving around and bashing against other things, which can cause breakages. Packaging paper is a cost effective item and environmentally friendly too. If you have a lot of fragile items, looking into packaging paper would be good for you.

Picture cartons

Packing picture frames is definitely difficult, as well as artwork and mirrors, as most of the time they are not going to fit into cardboard boxes due to being too big. Picture cartons can make things a whole lot easier as they are perfect for packing material for any fragile hanging item. They are thin cardboard boxes and designed to fit pictures in, snugly.

Strong and durable cardboard boxes

Lots of homeowners will use cardboard boxes from local shops, when packing away their house to save pennies. Though, they are good but should not be used to put fragile items in. Instead, you will want to purchase boxes which are made stronger for items which are fragile. The flimsy cardboard may break, so purchasing your boxes for a bit more money can help keep your expensive items safe.

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