A Guide to Moving Heavy Furniture

A Guide to Moving Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture can be a struggle to move when you are rearranging your room, so it is going to be a lot worse when you are having to move it from one destination to another. With the stress of sorting through years of paperwork and changing utility providers, you probably forgot how difficult it is going to be when moving heavy furniture.


Furniture can often be very heavy as well as an awkward shape, which makes moving a little bit more tough than you had planned. You are going to need a few extra hands to make the move a lot easier and to get everything loaded onto the van. You also have the risk of someone causing injury to themselves when picking up furniture awkwardly or could cause some damage to the property.


Try not to leave things to the last minute and plan in advance for a smooth move. You will need to plan how you are going to get the furniture out of the home and who is going to help with this.


We have come up with some top tips to make moving heavy furniture a breeze when moving house.


Plan in advance!


It is always good to have a plan before moving any furniture and to know where the new furniture is going to be positioned in the new home. That way, you will only need to move the furniture twice- from the old house into the van, and then from the van into the new house. If you do not plan in advance, you are making the job harder for yourself.


Do you actually need it?


Ask yourself, do I actually need this? If you answer no, then you could get rid of it.


If its in a good condition you could look into selling it, instead of just throwing it away. Or you could donate it if you are not bothered about getting some money back for it. Donation shops are happy to take good quality furniture and may even collect it for you to make it much easier. Always be clear about its condition and don’t lie, so people know exactly what they are getting when they purchase it, especially if the buyer cannot see it before they purchase it.


Dismantle where possible


If there are parts of the furniture that you can remove, especially awkward shaped furniture, it’s a good idea to take it off the furniture and pack them separately, making it much easier for yourself when moving to the van and to the next destination. Just remember to label them so you can remember what item of furniture needs which piece.


Carry with care


Lift carefully when carrying items to make sure damage is not done to the movers back. Don’t bend from the back to pick things up, always bend at the knees and lift with a straight back. If you have the people, make it a two person job, especially for large items.


Hire a removal company


If you want the job done well, without the worry of injuries or getting furniture down tight stairways, hiring a removal company may be the best option for you. Not only do they carry insurance if something happens in the event of an accident, but both themselves and your property and possessions will be covered. They also have the equipment, staff, and vehicles for such a move and the expertise.


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